Monday, October 15, 2012


Teen Read Week has arrived! With the announcement of the Teens' Top Ten winners (our library's winner was actually Fault in Our Stars!), that kicks off the week of great programs. As  mentioned in my previous post, our library is having a READ poster photo booth program tomorrow after school (and I'm making popcorn balls with candy corn!) and this Friday we will finish out the week with Live Clue and a Pizza Party.

To promote programs, I like to bring the festivity and celebration to the Young Adult area of the library. To spread the excitement and fun, I created some fun displays to celebrate Teen Read Week for the whole month of October. In addition to displays and fun in the library, I made several school visits last week to spread the word! I tabled at two community high schools during their lunch periods - talked to students, handed out flyers and bookmarks, and took my fabulous tabling display (picture below) on the road!

On Thursday, I spent the day at our junior high school where every English class came to visit me to find out about the library's Teen Read Week programs. They were all great visits, and they gave me a chance to meet more students!


Marge Loch-Wouters said...

Great job getting out into the schools immediately in your new job to spread the word! I think too many people miss opportunities to get to know the kids. This is true investment in the kids in your community and ensures lots of future success. Way to go!

Jen the Youth Services Librarian said...

Marge - the response I've had with the schools has been AMAZING! They've really been positive and open to my visits. Two of the schools have new principals who have been very supportive, and I've had school staff calling me telling me how excited they are about these programs. It's been a great start! :-)