Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Twilight Tuesdays - Summer Reading 2012

I will be leaving the public library where I currently work in about 2 1/2 weeks... getting married, moving away, lots of exciting things going on. So before my departure, I have been planning all the summer fun that will take place after I'm gone.

We will continue to have our Tuesday programs - last year they were 'Travel Tuesdays' this year they are 'Twilight Tuesdays'. Tuesday programs consist of family programs with hired performers. I really made an effort to tie-in all the Tuesday programs into the summer reading theme (same as I did last year). Here's our Twilight Tuesday schedule for this summer:

Atwood Players, Good Night! Stories - June 19th
Based out of Brookfield, WI, the Atwood Players will perform tales from many cultures about sleepers, dreamers, and night explorers. Stories include: Coyote and the Porcupine, The Brave Little Tailor, and Rip Van Winkle.

Nature in the Parks: Welcome to the Night! - June 26th
Part of the Milwaukee County UW-Extension, "Nature in the Parks" is a program created for libraries, each year with a different theme to tie-in to summer reading. They will have an interactive telling of "Little Bat's Secret," a game of moonlight tag, and a variety of activities to allow children to discover our nighttime neighbors.

Sky Hunters: Night Owls - Schlitz Audubon Center - July 10th
The Schlitz Audubon Center, located in Milwaukee, offers a variety of bird programs, particularly raptors. I contacted them to see if they offered just an owl program, and luckily - they do! They will bring a variety of LIVE owls to their program, along with artifacts. Quality programming that children and their parents are sure to love!

Wehr Astronomical Society - July 17th
The Wehr Astronomical Society associated with the Wehr Nature Center located in Franklin, WI, has a volunteer-based program that will visit public libraries. A volunteer will be providing an educational program about the solar system and telescopes. Weather permitting, at the end of the program we will learn how to view the sun (safely) through a telescope.
Daniel and Sharon Peterson from "Incredible Bats" provide a program that  teaches children about bats and how beneficial these misunderstood creatures are to us and the world around us. They have a great website you can check out for more information and for pictures. LIVE fruit bats will also be present at this program.


Marge Loch-Wouters said...

ooooh, your wedding is almost here! Sounds like you are leaving the library well-prepared! Will you be at WAPL? Let's get together!

Jen the Youth Services Librarian said...

Hi Marge! Unfortunately, I will not be at WAPL this year. We'll have to figure out another time that we can get together! :-)